Deloitte Digital Internet (IoT) Board

Our state-of-the-art building spins off reams of data, so we got thinking: how might we harness it to create a better office experience? We decided to create the IoT (Internet of Things) board, a dynamic dashboard that's tapped into our building's systems and gives people a real-time, interactive look at what goes on around the office.

Whether it's showing floors with the most open desks, the wait time for tech support, or simply who's drinking the most coffee, the IoT board is a data-driven balance of function and fun.


After moving in to our new Toronto office in 2016, we realized that working in a building of this size could feel daunting, especially given that it was explicitly designed to be dynamic and flexible. For that to be a benefit, our people needed to know what was going on. So, we challenged our team to create an innovative, dynamic way of using the data that this building generates to inform, improve and inspire our collective experience.

How we did it.

Just as we do with our clients, we started with discovery: What would be most useful for people to know as they came up the escalator in the morning? Would their needs change during the day? Could they "ask" the board for specific info through an app? Then we worked with a cross functional team from facilities, IT, creative and UX to come up with a solution. From concept to design to execution, we did it all. We arrived at a modular, end to end solution with features that can be added, subtracted and moved around as needs change, so we can easily shift what we share.

Discover our IoT tech secrets.


Reality doesn't bite.

No more excuses: we made it easier to take advantage of our state-of-the-art amenities with AR. Now we can sign up for classes at our in-house fitness centre, update service tickets and join Fitbit challenges from our phones when the mood strikes.

You can sit with us.

One of our office perks is the ability to choose where we work each day, so we challenged ourselves to make it better. To gain real-time data on each floor's seating availability, we started measuring wi-fi connections at each workstation. Now we know where to go, at a glance, right when we walk in the door.

We’re picking up good vibrations.

How much coffee do our employees drink in a month? We programmed Raspberry Pis to find out. The devices measure how many cups of coffee each floor's machine makes in a day, using vibrations to detect the number. Plus, they're sensitive enough to tell the difference between coffee and hot water - so no tea drinkers skew the data.

Tech Support… supported through tech.

We're using the same approach to smooth out wait times at D.411, our IT support hub. By counting the number of connections to D.411's local router, we can pinpoint the best times to pay IT a visit - then everyone can focus on getting things done instead of waiting in line.